Project "Fibre to the deep ocean"

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) is a clean and sustainable source of renewable energy, which is based on the natural temperature difference between the ocean’s surface and the deep ocean. This technique enables a 24/7 sustainable production of electricity, fresh water and food. Ocean thermal energy will be essential in helping many tropical nations achieve a sustainable future. This sustainable future is applicable to more than 1 billion people, living along this tropical coast. The threat of climate change means that a rapid transition to sustainable energy is needed. This transition can be accelerated by harnessing the until now unused ocean’s power.

First there is a need to increase our understanding of the ocean resources and assess its potential. This research project will measure and monitor the temperature profile up to great depths. Unique is the use of an innovative fibre optic measuring technique known as distributed temperature sensing (DTS). It will be used for ocean thermal energy applications and provide a relative cheap solution compared to outdated techniques currently used. This research project will measure till 1000m depth and provide near real-time and spatially dense data.